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Case Studies

Case Studies (2)

An 18 year old boy met with an unfortunate accident on the road. He was pillion-riding on a bike which was knocked down by a 4-wheeler near krishnagiri in Tamilnadu. He was immediately rushed to the Govt. Hospital at krishnagiri,initial hemodynamic stabilization was done and was shifted to a major hospital in Bangalore. On evaluation,he was found to have an unstable fracture of the pelvic ring and a closed fracture of the shaft of his right femur. He however.continued to be hemodynamicallly unstable and his Hemoglobin was hovering around 5.5g% inspite of repeated blood this stage,he was transfered to our hospital for angio-embolization of pelvic vessels.At CT angiogram was done here, which did not show any active bleeder. However,there was a large retro-vesical hematoma collection displacing the urinary bladder.The interventional Radiologist opined that angio-embolization was not necessary.

Thursday, 25 February 2016 11:05

Ms, A, a 10 year old bubbly girl is one of the twins born prematurely.When she was about 3 years old,her mother noticed that her back was bent to the left.They visited various hospitals sporadically and when the deformity was quiet evident,she presented to us at the age of 7 years. She was diagnosed to have an Early Onset Scoliosis.

It was a left thoracic curve from T5 to T12 measuring 55 degrees.MRI showed no spinal card anomaly. It required surgical corrections. However instrumentation and fusion at the age of 7 years would stunt the growth of her lungs and hence she was treated with Growth Rods with anchors T4 & 5 and T12 & L1(Synthes USS ll System). aThe rods were distracted once in 6 months maintaining correction and allowing development of lungs. She underwent 3 more such distractions after the index surgery at 6 monthly intervals.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016 15:49